We all know that feeling of taking a bad selfie, and then you’re like ugh. Yes, the feeling is mutual. To combat the disapointment of bad photos, we’ve invited one of Miami’s top photographer Deena Danielle to the Bali hut, and here she shares 5 tricks to mastering the art of photography:

Use a reflector – A reflector can be key for creating good shots in natural light. If your model is being photographed in strong outdoor light it can be used to reflect the light back up to the face to fill shadows under the eye. If you’re shooting on the beach, and have a 5 way reflector, it can be used as a scrim (a filter for the light to pass through so it’s not so harsh). A reflector is a number 1 tool for outdoor natural light photography.

Use window light/reflections – When shooting indoors using natural light photograph near a window or a mirror. The light will pour in and the mirror can reflect it to fill the room. If you’re shooting indoors with natural light you will most likely need to pop up the ISO.

Shoot in the shade – When the sun is at high noon, very bright, and hot don’t underestimate the power of getting shots in the shade. This will allow you to have softer light. Additionally, despite popular belief, overcast days are perfect for shooting outdoors. Clouds covering the sun act as a natural filter.

Golden Hour – Photograph at golden hour before sunsets and you will capture the golden/yellow/orange hues that are so the envy of many portraits.

Model: Zsofia Tarjanya
Photographer: Deena Danielle
Location: Island Tribe Miami – The Bali Hut


We absolutely love it when the cool boho babes hang out with us at our Miami Showroom aka “The Bali Hut”.

Blogger Babe & Girl Boss Yashodhara Suri, of the Hip Nip came through, and styled some of our designs including our boho jewelry, kimonos and of course our boho gowns! Okay, I’ll shut up, read the recap from her lips.

…Hi my dreamy hippie nippies! I’m feeling super magical boho vibes because of this post. I got to style at the Island Tribe showroom and felt super at home with all the boho clothing, embroidery and even the interior (which you’ll see below). Listen to Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit and get vibey with me!
So, first things first… THIS DECOR! UGH.
The best part about the interior is the color palette and this throne ❤ I love the minimal but bohemian vibe and the super white and neutral color palette. It made for a perfect backdrop for our outfits so we didn’t have to go scouting for a location.

Look 1
For this look, I grabbed this super long and beautifully embroidered white dress and fell in LOVE. It’s so comfortable and accentuates all the right curves. I went really crazy and also grabbed this tiara and threw my ass on this throne 🙂 I love the delicate lace on the dress and the pearls of the tiara.

Look 2
I wore my own shorts for this look and used everything else from the showroom to dress it up. I threw on a simple white bikini top but the real winners of the outfit are the necklace, belt and AMAZING kimono! The embroidery was so intricate and well done (embroidered in India, the motherland actually) and it’s something I would wear with every single outfit I own, honestly. The necklace and belt went really well with the shiny embroidery and were extra as hell so you know I was happy with that.

I hope you guys loved these bohemian-styled outfits as much as I did! Do yourself a favor and get some chunky jewelry and embroidered kimonos for summer ❤

Thanks for stopping by @yashmula…xoxo

Photography by : Jeanne Michelle


When you combine passion with the open canvas of desert scenes, you get an untamed romance that transcends into a bohemian dream. That was the vision captured to amplify Valerie’s flawless style and persona. And when you have superbly talented photographers like Dennis Roy Coronel, that dream becomes a reality. Continue reading A CALIFORNIAN BOHO ROMANCE


Island Tribe
In our pursuit of success, we’re often faced with challenges, disappointments, and losses that can make life such a drag depriving us of happiness. But, we can make a conscience decision to live life effortless and take on a free spirited lifestyle. Yes, there are tons of self help books, retreats, therapy and remedies for living a stress free life, but the good news is , we can start right away with these 5 easy breezy steps… Continue reading 5 EASY STEPS TO LIVING A FREE-SPIRITED LIFESTYLE

Moroccan Nights – Miami Vibes

island tribe
Inspired by the magical and enchanting Morocco, We celebrated the grand opening of our Miami Showroom/Flagship underneath the Miami skies, surrounded by lush palm trees, Moroccan decor and fashion enthusiast. We invite you to dive in Morocco, passport not necessary and take in boho fashion at its best. Continue reading Moroccan Nights – Miami Vibes


A wonderful summer it was! All through this summer we collaborated with The Nomadic People as they embarked on their adventurous tours. Kim and Nash can be found wandering around the US in their vintage VW bus or exploring distant magical lands. Luckily for us, our girls were able to travel with them to the distant lands of Turkey and Morocco. Let’s start with Turkey.
dsc_6211 Continue reading TALES FROM TURKEY

Bride Spotlight: WITH LOVE FROM VIENNA, xoxo

The spot light is on Beautiful Bride Emilia Scholler, hailing all the way from Vienna, Austria. With only 2 months to plan her summer wedding, Emilia, effortlessly, pulled together an intimate summer wedding at the enchanting Stadtflucht Bergmühle. Wearing Osprey Gown, this effortless gown matched her boho style.
Island Tribe Lace Gown
Totally loving the world map backdrop, true wanderlust vibes, a homage to Emilia’s gypset life…
Island Tribe Vienna
Bride: Emilia Scholler
Cake: Katies Cake, Austria
Gown: Osprey Gown

Sacred Art of the Ori

Last summer we had the splendid opportunity to meet Laolu Senbanjo, a Nigerian born-Brooklyn based Musician, Visual Artist, and Human Rights Lawyer. After spending the morning conversing over coffee, we left feeling inspired, enlightened and appreciative of his passions, art, music and overall vision. We also had the opportunity to collaborate on his Sacred Art of the Ori project at the famed Brooklyn Museum of Art. We invite you to get “lost” in the art of the enchanting and multi talented Laolu Continue reading Sacred Art of the Ori

Welcome To Our New Home. The Bali Hut – Miami

Bienvenido a Miami! Our new home is nestled in the historic Upper Eastside’s West Belle Meade neighborhood, called Ironside; a creative luxe boho village.
Island Tribe Bridal Botique
Island Tribe - Bridal Boutique, Miami
Island Tribe
Imagine walking into a cool oasis with lush tropical vegetation. Be enchanted by traditional Balinese architecture, artifacts, and tribal accessories handcrafted by tribesmen from far nations.
island Tribe Lace Lingerie
Welcome to our new showroom called “the Bali Hut”. You will find our collection of intimate ready to wear designs, bridal gowns and accessories.
Top Miami Bridal Boutique - Island Tribe-
Island Tribe
Experience the elegance of our gowns by making an appointment for your fitting here… La libre!

Photo Credit:
Adam Parker Photography – Models: Susanna Canzian, Annie Gustafsson

Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon

Live by the sun, and Love by the moon… and so it is in the Nevada Desert. The endless landscape under the sun, takes a great toil, but as evening draws,the temperatures drop, and romance comes into full bloom. The dreamy white gowns against the stark Red Rocks creates a wild, yet romantic blend. The Desert is a true bohemian glory.
Gowns: Island Bridal: Neptune, Verona,Cover Up: Sting Ray
Photography: One Perfect Event
Model : Halie Jaye Nichols via TNG Model Agency
Styling: Angeline Hayling
Media: Free Spirited Magazine


Sometimes inspirations originate from different cultures, arts, or tribes from far away lands.  Just like Paulo Coelo’s Santiago in the Alchemist, our inspiration was not in the pyramids but just in our very own backyard. We had anticipated a getaway shoot, but luckily, we discovered a precious air stream bus at our local beach. Continue reading PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS

SOUTH BEACH DREAMING…How to Plan A Beach Wedding.

retouched Beach people2
Two lovers sat on the fine white sand gazing into the horizon.They watched as the tidal waves splashed unto the shore. The ocean breeze sends soft chills through her body, she snuggles him for warmth. He whispers in her ear: “the most Beautiful tide, is the beat of your heart against mine.”

For all the beach and ocean lovers dreaming of a seaside wedding, there are several guides on how to do a beach wedding right. In this article, you will discover some insights on how to archive a unique and yet chic beach wedding. The secret is to be yourself, implement your lifestyle and those little things that you adore into your special day. Here’s our guide:  Continue reading SOUTH BEACH DREAMING…How to Plan A Beach Wedding.

Oh… ROMANTIC VIENNA! IB 2016 European Launch Recap

Early December, we departed from our beautiful Miami beaches to launch our 2016 collection in Europe. We headed out to Central Europe where we first landed in Vienna, Austria. Our wonderful friends at Atelier 7 hosted the launch and trunk show in Wien. Continue reading Oh… ROMANTIC VIENNA! IB 2016 European Launch Recap


The Pantone color for 2016 is finally out. It’s a dreamy blend of Rose Quartz & Serenity – romantic pinks and soft blues. For the creative and trend conscience bride, there are many ways to implement this year’s color into your special day. Desktop
Our top 3 recommendations on how to incorporate this year’s Pantone colors into you’re wedding style are: Continue reading PANTONE 2016 COLOR INSPIRATION


We are so delighted to celebrate our third year anniversary today. This anniversary comes at a special moment since we just launched our fourth collection this past week. We have been fortunate and blessed with some of the beast team members through the years. The IB family has grown through time with members from all over the world. Through love and support our fan base has equally expanded into a greater IB Tribe with a global presence. Lastly our brides “IBmermaids” have brought us the most joy. Every moment with a bride in our gowns never fails to bring emotions of joy. We love our brides and always pray that they have the most blessed lives. Continue reading WE’RE 3 ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY


It’s a new season, new collection, a whole new vibe.

Speaking of a new season; the new Island Bridal 2016 collection is almost here and will be released mid November. We are making fine adjustments to ensure we deliver the best of our designs.  This season you will discover a palette of soft nudes, whites and ivories exuding a sheer illusion, that ignites a soft feminine sensuality.  It’s a  stylish blend of whimsical lace and intricate beading, introducing a new feel to our line and yet still staying true to our free-spirited ocean vibe. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come:

2016 collection facebook



worth avenue shoot
When you picture a beach wedding, chances are you’re dreaming of the soft sand, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance. Well, here’s some great tips to choosing the right gown, wind proofing your decor, and having a worry-free beach wedding.
Dress Accordingly
Skip the big dress. Let’s face it: A ballgown belongs in, well, a ballroom. You may be able to get down the aisle in a full dress and long train but walking on the beach and taking photos won’t be easy.
worth avenue shoot1
Ditch the heels 
Sand and high heels just don’t mix. Wear flat-sole sandals, espadrilles or wedges – shoes that won’t sink into the sand. Have your gown hemmed with or without shoes, depending on which option you choose. Remember, sand can get pretty hot. Have an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals to help keep your tootsies cool.
Consider an updo
Think of the elements when deciding on a hairstyle. A tried and true updo will keep you looking polished all night. I definitely suggest doing a trial run at your location. If wearing your hair down is the only option, invest in the services of a stylist, who can do touch-ups throughout the day.
Nix the veil
When marrying outside, think twice about a long veil. If it’s windy, it will be a nightmare for you and the photographer. Instead, accessorize your ‘do with fresh flowers or a headpiece.
worth avenue shoot4
Let your guys go informal
While many brides envision their groom in a tux, black wool is a no-no in warm climates.Skip the ‘penguin suits’ and opt for lightweight cotton pants. Beach weddings speak to cotton, linen and sheer silk fabrics, and open collars with either pastels or a bold color like apricot or turquoise, contrasted with a deep ivory.
worth avenue shoot3
Stay natural
A gorgeous ocean backdrop doesn’t need to be too dressed up. Instead, highlight the natural beauty of the setting. A beach wedding can be about shells and starfish, but it can also take inspiration from the harmonious color palette of sand, dune grasses, stones and water. Decor should be simple; avoid going over the top with fussy flowers.
worth avenue shoot2
Photography|One Perfect Event
Gown| Vienna Gown
Model | Bride Hannah Witt
Model | Groom Sam Starbuck
Hair| Spoiled Rotten Salon and Spa
Make Up | Michelle Leila
Location | Worth Avenue
Florist: Greenacres Florist


? Take me away, A secret place, A sweet escape, Take me away, To better days, A hiding place ? …

The song lyrics from a “pocketful of sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield easily summarizes this romantic island wedding.
Recently Updated11
Recently Updated12
Bula (Hello)! Savisi Island was the perfect choice for this exquisite destination wedding. Tucked away on a secluded island, with picturesque ocean views,and gardens lined with coconut pathways, this intimate wedding fulfilled every fantasy for an ocean lover.
Recently Updated8
Meticulous details were deployed to create a magical and memorable wedding. The floral arrangements, and bespoken floral archway were hand crafted by Ma and her Savasi team using local flowers and bamboos amongst others. But the most unique aspect is the Fijian Warrior escorts, with their Lali drum and Davui (conch shell).
untitled folder
untitled folder6
untitled folder2
As a bride at Savasi Island all you need is your love, and your wedding dress of course. The lovely bride wore our Mykonos gown. Mykonos with it effortless allure was perfect for the relaxed luxe vibe at Savasi Island .
Recently Updated13
untitled folder1
Once again, this songs comes to mind… ? Take me away, A secret place, A sweet escape..?

Location: Savası Island
Photography: Cait Myers
Bride & Groom: Oceans Desire
Gown: Island Bridal


In Miami, we are known for many things, including: great weather, a cosmopolitan community, beautiful people, Sun-tans and bikinis. Let’s explore the bikini fashion lifestyle that makes Miami such a fun place to be year round. Continue reading MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2016



The waves whisper to me, Calling me to the soft sand.
The water sweeps over my feet, surrounding my world.
Oh salt air, I’ve found my peace,
peace to save my soul.

Gown: Island Bridal | Malindi
Kendra Paige Photography
Model: Irena Seleznova
H & M : Miki

Photography: Landscape and Animals


Worth Avenue is one of the most luxurious shopping venues in the United States. This enchanting resort destination in Palm Beach is reminiscent of European sophistication and charm on Florida’s Atlantic shores. Continue reading “A SECRET GARDEN”