Mykonos gown2
A few posts ago, I wrote about my wedding dress and I left you a little intrigued. If you followed, you’re probably still wondering which dress I chose. It’s time to reveal this little secret.
Sounds pretty simple but in fact it was not so easy to choose one, when they all are so different and so beautiful at the same time. I’ve always wanted something really unique, enchanting and absolutely perfect for that special day. But you know what? Finally I realized that the beauty lies in simplicity. It’s all about the touch and the way it feels when you’re wearing your dream dress. I think it should be like your second skin and that’s why I chose Mykonos gown which fits my silhouette perfectly.
Mykonos gown3
Now all my must haves are checked off my wedding list. As I begin my journey to our special wedding destination, I know it will be quite an experience, so stay up to date and follow the news!


Photo Credit: Kendra Paige Photography
Gown: Island Bridal Mykonos Gown


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