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We are so delighted to celebrate our third year anniversary today. This anniversary comes at a special moment since we just launched our fourth collection this past week. We have been fortunate and blessed with some of the beast team members through the years. The IB family has grown through time with members from all over the world. Through love and support our fan base has equally expanded into a greater IB Tribe with a global presence. Lastly our brides “IBmermaids” have brought us the most joy. Every moment with a bride in our gowns never fails to bring emotions of joy. We love our brides and always pray that they have the most blessed lives.

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Island Bridal has metamorphosed into a way of life “IB lifestyle” passionately inspired by the Ocean. We love the ocean and all that it blesses us with. We celebrate all our supporters because without them, this brand would be irrelevant.

We are a brand not only for our creativity in fashion but because we have an amazing team and loyal loving supporters behind us. We are less of a brand without our tribe.
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Let’s keep the Ocean movement alive, love at all times, grow the IB Family and the IB Tribe through all spheres of life. Thank you for celebrating our third year anniversary. #Coolvibes Always !
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Credit: Images captured by our In-House Photographer Ivanka/ One Perfect Event


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