A romantic obsession with Morocco began with a childhood fantasy derived from the Walt Disney’s Animated film Aladdin.
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The classic love story of forbidden love between princess Jasmine and servant boy Aladdin is so alluring. Their fairytale romance of magic carpet rides through the Arabian nights and scenes of caravan camels roaming the desert ignites a nostalgic affiliation to Morocco.
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Fortunately, this childhood fairytale has been replaced by immense appreciation and love for this North African country with its exotic and mysterious charm. We love Morocco’s architecture; it’s a blend of ornate colors and elaborate geometric patterns.

We welcome you to enjoy this enchanting visual tour of Morocco and experience an inside glimpse through the eyes of renowned Interior Designer ,Stylist and Photographer Carley Page Summers.

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Another aspect we are thrilled about is the vintage Moroccan jewels. The jewels are visually appealing and the perfect embellishment for Island Bridal’s Bahari and Santorini gowns.
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In addition, to these glorious images captured by Carley page, we’ve added a “slice” of Morocco to our design studio. We love our new handmade wedding blankets; it’s a perfect addition to our studio.
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Moroccan wedding blankets know as Handira are woven out of sheep’s wool, cotton and linen. They are handmade by Berber women in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco. The beautiful sequins added to the Handira is a symbol of protection from evil and also meant to reflect the sun light during the day and add a glow of fire at night. See our Bahari Gown styled with a traditional Handira.
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Hamelet Interiors offers a wide selection of authentic Handiras, a perfect addition to your home.

Author: Angeline Hayling
Photography & Styling: Carley Page Summers
Rugs: Hamelet Interiors


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