Sacred Art of the Ori


Last summer we had the splendid opportunity to meet Laolu Senbanjo, a Nigerian born-Brooklyn based Musician, Visual Artist, and Human Rights Lawyer. After spending the morning conversing over coffee, we left feeling inspired, enlightened and appreciative of his passions, art, music and overall vision. We also had the opportunity to collaborate on his Sacred Art of the Ori project at the famed Brooklyn Museum of Art. We invite you to get “lost” in the art of the enchanting and multi talented Laolu


Laolu’s work is heavily influenced by his Yoruba heritage and often relates to the environment he finds myself. He is also a Pioneer and Leader in Afrofuturism, he continues to create and push boundaries with his talents which transcends various mediums. The Sacred Art of the Ori is one of Laolu’s most acclaimed creations. His collaborations with artists such as Beyoncé on her Lemonade Album and most recent his monumental project celebrating the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Laoluncy-Island Tribe - 1

Laolu Senbanjo

Special Thanks & Credits
Kate Hallet
Photo by Suzanne E. Abrasion
Dancers: Olivia L Burgess & N’tifafa Akoko Tete-Rosenthal
Island Tribe Wardrobe: Dakota ( Bralette and belt )


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